Thank you for your interested in our vegan synthetic braiding hair for your salon and/or customers.

Our protective style brand, Nubya Original Braidkit, is different. Our synthetic hair is vegan meaning it is pre-treated to remove all toxins and synthetic chemicals that will damage your clients hair strands and irritate their scalp. 

The texture is softer and smoother, easy to separate and does not cause irritation or itchiness.

Whether your are a beautician or braider, we offer you a wholesale discount package. This discount is automatically applied once we have verified that you are a beautician/braider via your state resale license information.

We can aid in clientele growth by providing quality vegan braiding hair without your clients having to visit their local beauty supply store. This allows you to be a one stop shop for your clients. (e.g

Your pricing could include the braiding hair and your labor fees). We provide pre-treated (removal of all toxins and synthetic chemicals) and pre-stretched braiding hair in various colors.

Each Nubya Original Braidkit includes our vegan synthetic braiding hair, hair growth oil and accessories that can be used on yourself or at your client's hair appointments.

Email us at wholesale@juiceekinks and we will respond within 24 hours. We look forward to working with you.