Welcome to JUICEE KINKS, where your beautiful hair and skin are our main focus. We formulate organic and plant-based for hair loss like alopecia, hair fall, thinning edges, slow hair growth, ingrown hairs and hyper-pigmentation.



We are a family-owned brand that formulates clean, plant-based and toxin-free hair care and skincare products based in CT. Our plant-based products are made for all hair and skin types.



Our story begins with facing overwhelming odds. Our co-founder was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and 2011. The effects of cancer treatments took a toll on her body and she experienced hair loss. After remission from cancer, she started working on ways to grow back her hair and improve her health without harmful ingredients.

As a family, we came together to figure out what type of ingredients are in the products on the market. We found that almost all the products have synthetic chemicals and toxins that not only dry out our hair and skin, but can affect our internal organs. This experience inspired us to start formulating products to help others that have hair loss from cancer, alopecia, or scalp issues that affected others from growing their own hair.




We started our own investigation to find out how the exposure to toxins in the hair care and skin care products we used were connected health issues. We found that prolong use of these products cause severe allergic reactions and cancer. This is because the toxins are absorbed into our scalp and skin. With prolong use, these toxins do more harm than good. The FDA oversees the usage and legal amounts of ingredients used by companies. The issue is that 1% can do just as much harm as 5%.





We formulate products with good ingredients that came from natural plant based sources. With the removal of toxins, our own hair care products made my family's hair grow strong and healthy. 

"People of science will say - Natural doesn't mean it's good for you. We can agree that some natural products cause skin sensitivities, but toxins disrupts your internal body systems, causes cancer and other conditions.

At JUICEE KINKS, our products will not have a negative impact on our bodies. All ingredients and processes used must cause NO harm to animals or humans.