Our Brand

JUICEE KINKS celebrates the many textures of natural hair. Our products are vanilla infused and plant-based without toxins, alcohols, parabens, sulfates, DEAs, mineral oil, lanolin oil, petroleum, or PEGs.

We started our brand because all textured hair is not the same. Hair typing is a thing, but we believe our hair is not a TYPE. It's a fusion of textures and porosities that make us an amazing creation of The Most High. We focus on hair porosity and density when formulating our products for a customized hair experience.

We are a family-owned brand that formulates clean, plant-based and toxin-free hair care and products based in the Hamden, CT area. Our plant-based products are made for all textured hair.



We formulate products with good ingredients that came from natural plant based sources. With the removal of toxins, our own hair care products made my family's hair grow strong and healthy. 

"People of science will say - Natural doesn't mean it's good for you. We can agree that some natural products cause skin sensitivities, but toxins disrupts your internal body systems, causes cancer and other conditions.

At JUICEE KINKS, our products will not have a negative impact on our bodies. All ingredients and processes used must cause NO harm to animals or humans.