At JUICEE KINKS, all our products are lovingly made in-house at our HQ in Hamden, Connecticut by our close-knit family team.

Each product is made in small batches to guarantee freshness. In small batch skincare, smaller batches allow the products to always be fresh, natural, and good for your skin. Small batch production also allows us to be more flexible and creative with our formulas. 


In large-scale manufacturing, assembly lines, machines, and dozens of people assemble products following an unchanging recipe–they each do their part without thinking about it or its effect on the final product. We know exactly what goes into all our products, and the benefits each ingredient brings. Our ingredients all come from trustworthy sources to ensure the best quality. 


Another benefit of our small batch process is that the products are fresh before they get to the hands of customers. Our products don’t go through commercial transportation, sitting in hot storages and being exposed to hot and cold temperatures. We keep our products in protected spaces, and many of them are kept in the fridge to ensure the freshness of the products when they get to your hands. Producing in large batches means that finished products will often have spend months or years on shelves before they reach a consumer. Knowing this, large-batch producers have to use strong preservatives to make their products last longer. These preservatives are often unnatural, can be detrimental to your body and skin, and dilute the active ingredients in the product.