From the sourcing of organic and natural ingredients at the beginning of the supply chain - to informing you about our recycling program at end of the product life cycle, we strive for transparency.

We focus on ways to reduce and reuse to cut back on disposables. We believe real sustainability means encouraging customers to share in our commitment to reduce our environmental impact.

Our impact on our environment starts with ingredients - formulations - products - customers - product end cycle. We are committed to sharing how our products are created and the ingredients we use. 

We started the JUICEE Recycling Program after asking ourselves what happens to our products when they reach the end of their lifecycle. Even if we use recycled materials, how do we know if the customer will recycle the containers when they are empty. As a brand working towards sustainability, we decided to reward our customers for returning their empty product containers to be recycled or reused. We believe that the more we collect from customers, the more we can keep cosmetic packaging out of landfills.

In our efforts to be an eco-friendly and sustainable brand, we feel this is a win-win for our customers. Not only do they get a 50% store discount and a free travel-size gift; they don't have to worry about what to do with the empty containers.