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Have You Tried Our "Clumpin' The Curl" Technique On Your Hair?

Have You Tried Our "Clumpin' The Curl" Technique On Your Hair?


What Is the "Clumpin' The Curl" Method?

This is an amazing way to infuse extra moisture on wash days when you're in the shower rinsing your hair. The method involves applying a generous amount of a good conditioner (we mean a lot) in order to encourage curl clumps to form.

This method prevents frizz and encourages curl formation by boosting moisture levels within hair cuticles. This method also helps leave-in conditioners gain the deeply hydrating power of deep conditioner without weighing down your  hair. 

The conditioner you use must be able to penetrate the cuticle, strengthening the strands, and defined your curl pattern. 

How Do You Do "Clumpin' The Curl"?

1. Wash Your Hair

Shampoo your hair as normal with any of our curl friendly shampoos. making sure to work product deeply into the scalp. Once your hair is clean, rinse out with more water, and make sure your hair is dripping wet.

2.  Add Leave-In Conditioner

Work in our leave-in conditioners until your hair feels slippery and thoroughly drenched. 

3. Flip Your Head Upside Down

Flip your hair upside down and gently finger comb through your strands to eliminate spread the conditioner and remove any tangles. You want the  conditioner and mixture to saturate your hair to work the moisture in.

2. Start "Clumpin' The Curl" 

Making sure your curls are wet (add water if needed) while scrunching the conditioner through your strands to allow moisture to penetrate your curls going deeply into your cuticles, so they'll stay hydrated for longer. For best results, let your clumped hair air dry to help curl patterns naturally form. If you have thicker hair, you can dry overnight using a protective hairstyle or cap.

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