VANILLA OIL: Much More Than A Dessert Ingredient

VANILLA OIL: Much More Than A Dessert Ingredient

Everyone knows that fragrance makes your haircare experience more soothing. For instance, vanilla is a widely used ingredient that makes hair products aromatic and relaxing.  It belongs to the brethren of orchids that are native to South and Central America. 


A Brief History Of Vanilla

Vanilla pods come from the orchid plant or Vanilla Planifolia, which originally grew in Mexico and was cultivated by the indigenous people of that region. It was earlier used to flavor the cocoa drink, also a popular ingredient from the region.


Why Is Vanilla Oil Our Hero Ingredient?

Vanilla is enriched with minerals necessary for hair growth and vitamins including;

B2 riboflavin which boosts keratin. Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is abundant in vanilla beans. It boosts the metabolism of proteins, such as keratin. Without enough riboflavin, keratin synthesis gets affected, and so does your hair.

B5 that maintains pH balance and maintains the condition of your shaft and scalp.

B6 that delivers oxygen to hair follicles from the red blood cells, and pantothenic acid (panthenol) that repairs cuticle damage on every hair strand. 

Vanillin, the extract from vanilla beans has antimicrobial properties that can prevent bacteria from irritating your scalp’s pores and the follicles underneath it.

Vanilla extract is also a fighter that can prevent cell damage on your body, especially those found on your follicles. High levels of antioxidants can be found in its extract, which can avert free radical invasion. It can strengthen your tresses, thereby preventing split-ends and strand breakage. 


Treat Your Hair with Vanilla Extract and Oil.

Self-love is essential. Thus, pampering yourself must always be a top priority. Indulge in relaxing treatments for your hair. Light up some vanilla scented candles, and give your hair a vanilla-infused treatments that help you say 'bye' to the bad hair days.


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