What Is Moisture - Protein Balance?

The moisture-protein balance is very important to know when you’re caring for natural hair. When the balance between moisture and protein is out of sync, it’s one of the biggest causes of breakage.

Hair is mostly made up of protein called keratin. It’s the protein that gives the hair its structure and your beautiful curls. But your hair’s also made up of moisture, and it’s this moisture that gives the hair strand its elasticity. Elasticity is key to healthy hair.

But if there’s too much moisture (elasticity), your hair will stretch and break. And if there’s too much protein, your hair will snap and break. Where natural hair is concerned, there are no hard and fast rules to getting the moisture-protein balance right. It’s based on the condition of your hair, its structure and other individual characteristics.

And not surprising, your hair’s protein-moisture balance needs can change over time 


Tips For Maintaining Good Protein Balanced

  • Check the ingredients on your hair products. It’s not just your conditioner that contains protein. If you’re also adding leave-ins and moisturizing products and they contain proteins too, you may be overloading your hair. 

  • Look the word hydrolyzed in front of a protein on the product ingredient list. Hydrolyzed means the he protein will have a more potent effect on your hair. These proteins have been chemically broken down so they penetrate your hair more effectively. 

  • Use a moisturizing conditioner immediately after a protein treatment to regain the elasticity


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